May’s release: new features for every role

New this month: Map layers declutter your map in a second! Share location with your customers! System messages share updates with users in the app! Force logout provides even more data security!

The May release includes so many features I don’t know where to start. There is something for everyone…

  • • Clutter-free map layers: for operators
  • • Share location feature: for clients
  • • In-app system messages: for server administrators
  • • Force logout: for anyone concerned with data security
  • • Faster reports when using scripts: for managers
  • • New REST APIs: for developers
Map layers

New map layers let you see exactly the information you need and want. Events, geofences, and vehicles are now overlaid on the map, each as its own layer. You can show or hide each layer separately with just a click in the map.

When you are working with a real-time system, the data you need is often overlapping on the map. There might be multiple vehicles in the area where you are creating a geofence. Event icons could be overcrowded by nearby vehicles. Map layers eliminate all of the clutter to help you work better.

If you are editing geofences, you can hide the vehicle layer for easier editing. If you are trying to select a vehicle, simply hide the event layer for more visibility. Read more here.

Share location with expiring links

Providing customers with real-time driver location is now possible- and it’s fast and secure. You can now send a secure link that expires in a specified period of time. This grants temporary access to one vehicle/asset without creating accounts. Anyone with the link can see the vehicle location on a map in real-time.

This can be a huge time saver! First, you can generate the link from another system so you don’t have to jump between software (thanks to a REST API). Second, you don’t waste time calling customers with updates about their deliveries, site visits, or on-site services. Customers will love the peace of mind they get with real-time locations. Get started today with the share location guide (it will walk you through getting the Publish plug-in and enabling the ShareLocation feature).

In-app system messages for seamless customer communication

System messages let you communicate with your customers and users directly in GpsGate. Important messages (e.g. a system maintenance notification) can be delivered seamlessly. There are no worries whether a customer saw your email. There is no need to waste valuable time communicating in different channels.

You choose exactly which applications and which roles get the message, and at what time. At the specified time or upon next login, the users will see a pop-up with your message. You can track who has seen the message, so you can be sure it’s been seen by the right people.

Force logout for increased security and real-time user updates

Site Admins now have the ability to immediately force logout for a specific user. You can also force logout for all users at an application level, and all users at a server level.

This adds a lot of information security for firms. If a user account is compromised, or an employee has been let go from the firm, instantly terminate an active session. This keeps your data protected and secure.

Force logout also allows you to update account settings in real-time. If user privileges are changed or you need to refresh a session, force logout is a fast method to get users in a new session with the correct settings.

Even faster report processing and rendering

Customers using scripted event rules or scripted device variables have faster report processing. We now use the ‘just in time’ method for evaluating scripts. Only the necessary scripts are evaluated, so reports using any scripted variables run faster.

Report rendering is also faster. Essentially, we’re using even more efficient methods to fetch and process data. The back-end execution time for report queries has also been improved.
End users running reports should notice improvements, so this is big for end users. If you’d like to learn more about the technical methods, check out the release notes.

REST APIs now include reverse geocoding

The list of REST APIs continues to grow. A reverse geocoding API is now available. You can grab any geographic coordinate and return a readable address or place name.
With APIs, you can integrate GpsGate with your other systems and share important data. This could be accounting, billing, customer management software - or anything else critical to your business. Developers can find out more here.

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