May release - getting started is easier than ever

May brings efficiency upgrades with a new default workspace, a new installer, and more REST resources. The UI is simplified to make getting started easier than ever. Update now to save time!

Your time is valuable. Spend less of it on GpsGate administration and more of it providing high-value services to your customers. The May release provides you with time-saving feature upgrades.

New default workspace

The new default workspace design is clean, simple, and adaptable. It works for the majority of tracking use cases. This means you can spend less time configuring new workspaces for your customers.

The new default workspace is easy to understand upon application open and intuitive to use. Managers and operators get the fleet overview they need. The upgrade makes it easier for new users to get started, so you can spend less time training customers.

We thought through all of the details during the redesign. The main panels are the optimal size and extra panels are minimized to let users focus on the info they need. The Tracks panel is now smarter - expanding automatically when the ‘Track’ box is clicked in the Vehicles panel.

For special use cases, the workspace remains fully customizable. You can add & remove panels, and rearrange the panels in the UI as you need. These custom workspaces can be saved for future use. You can also designate a custom workspace as the new default. Every company and user gets a workspace that is exactly what they need.

New GpsGate installer

A new GpsGate installer is here! When adding your next server, you will notice a huge difference in the GpsGate installation process.

We cut down on the number of steps. You can even add the most common device plugins during the installation.

We’ve also given the installer a slick new user interface. The simplified design and process make adding new servers faster and easier.

REST resources

REST gives you the flexibility to get, push, post, and delete data. Use it to integrate with other business systems. REST helps automate your data processes so you save valuable time transferring and updating data.

The May release includes a handful of useful new and updated REST resources for application views and track info. There is also a new resource for creating applications.

And more!

To find out more about the May release, visit the full release notes and links below. We also have a few features available on preview release, including a new Fleet app! Check it out here.

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