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Our new Mobile plugin is now released bringing with it a modern, map-centric, full fleet view user interface and a host of other updates. The new map view is designed to take advantage of all the available screen space of your smartphone or tablet and supports mobile plugins such as Mobile Dispatch.

This version of GpsGate Mobile has been replaced by GpsGate Fleet. Read more about GpsGate Fleet.


Install the following plugins from the repository at

  1. Log in to SiteAdmin.
  2. Go to the Plugins tab.
  3. Under My Plugins tab, make sure all plugins are up to date.

Navigate to your server URL on a mobile device or to http://yourgpsgateserver/m in a desktop browser to visit the mobile view.


After logging in you will be presented with the map view which is the hub of the new mobile site. You will see all the vehicles that are present in your selected application and can pan around and zoom to see more detail. Clicking on the left hand side tab will open the main menu, giving you access to many different settings and views and the right hand side tab will give you access to the vehicle list.

Map view    Menu view    Vehicle list

You can use left and right swipe gestures on the tab icons to increase or decrease the width of the tab. Long pressing the tab icon will maximize the window.

Main menu

Views    About    Settings

From the menu tab you can switch between all the applications that your user has permission to access and change the displayed view. You can toggle on and off vehicle markers, alert markers and traffic information on the map view and see detailed information about your application and user. The Settings button gives you access to a settings window to configure the mobile view to display the information you need and perform well on your device.

Vehicle list

From the vehicle list you can see at a glance which vehicles are active and where they are. If you want to display different information about the vehicles in this view you can change the display settings in the settings panel. Buttons at the bottom of the list let you quickly adjust the map view to display your entire fleet, show you your current position or switch to a view that contains all your vehicles with active alerts.

Vehicle list    Vehicle info    Tracks

Tapping on any vehicle will move the map view to focus on that vehicle, letting you see it’s surrounding area and it’s current activity. If you want to view detailed information on a vehicle you can tap the information button and display the vehicle information view. This view will show you more information on the vehicle and access to the status, alerts (if the vehicle has active alerts), tracks and commands sections. The status section will display all the variables and accumulators that you have configured for your devices giving you powerful, real-time visibility of your fleet from your mobile device.

You can draw tracks on the map by selecting a date and press the Draw button. You can easily send commands to your devices and command status can be monitored in real time.

Additional features

The Mobile plugin contains many other features including:

  • Support for translation.
  • Inside app bookmarking.
  • Customisable Vehicle List view.
  • A low performance mode for older devices or low bandwidth environments.
  • Home screen web app compatibility.
  • New filtering and sorting capabilities for finding vehicles.
  • Gestures
More Information

With the move to modern technology to support features such as high performance animations and device side caching of all images and scripts for faster loading, the new Mobile plugin will no longer support some older devices. We recommend that you use the new Mobile plugin with a device running iOS 8 or above, Android Chrome browser or Windows Phone 10 for the best experience.

Our new Mobile plugin contains its own plugin framework which has enabled the development of our new Mobile Dispatch plugin. This plugin can allow any employee with a smartphone to be a fully functional dispatch worker.

Read more about Mobile Dispatch

Our recently released GpsGate Tracker for Android integrates with the new Mobile plugin and allows GpsGate Server to send notifications to workers’ Android devices at any time. These notifications give quick access to tabs and sections within the Mobile plugin and are used in the Mobile Dispatch plugin to give workers one-tap access to their incoming jobs.

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