Mobili saved 37700 USD for their customer by introducing Dashboards in GpsGate Server

Thanks to Dashboards and Events, excessive idling was reduced to half. Hardware and software performance was monitored more effectively.

Description of the business problem

A container logistics company discovered that the majority of their prime mover maintenance costs and fuel usages were much higher than expected for the distances traveled by their drivers. After investigation, the main reason was found to be excessive idling with the engine on during long waiting times of loading and unloading in the port and at the customer sites. The same pattern was found during meal breaks, so that drivers could have the air conditioner running. The daily idling period, 3-5 hours per vehicle, resulted in

    A huge extra maintenance cost
    Extra fuel usage
    Non-performance costs during the extra servicing time spent in the workshop

This was a huge loss to the company every year, but with no analytical data available, they could not take action to remedy the problem.

Solution delivered

The company decided to install GpsGate for tracking and monitoring fuel consumption. The operation team works 24/7 and they can now see the excessive idling time of each prime mover, with the help of Event Rules and Dashboards. There’s an immediate alarm for idling more than 30 minutes which generates emails, sound notifications and updated dashboards.
One dashboard shows the current number of alarms. Another one shows accumulated alarm events. With this configuration, it is easy for officials on duty to get an overview of their fleet.

Business result

“Operators were now empowered to inspire the drivers to reduce idling time to a half in just two months”, says Mr Sean, Director. Mobili could now meet with their drivers and use the data from GpsGate Server to promote a more fuel conscious approach. This data was also used as part of their “Driver KPI Assessments.”
Another significant benefit the company discovered was that they could easily monitor the system hardware and software performance by adding dashboards for “power-cut” and “offline-devices.” In this way, Mobili developed a more transparent system where problems can be identified and solved early on, saving money and winning trust. The fuel and maintenance savings alone were estimated to $37,700 USD yearly for a 44 truck-fleet - more than $850 annual savings per truck.

Technical details

The solution was achieved by Teltonika devices with fuel sensors as well as Dashboards, Event Rules and Event Reports - all features found in GpsGate Server.

More information

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