Slick new look makes work easier in the vehicle info and status panels

A redesign of the panels gives you all the information you need at a glance, customized to your business.

One big thing on our minds lately is how to improve the user experience in each and every feature and panel.

This is a testament to our ‘four commandments.’ GpsGate is scalable, user-friendly, fairly priced, and customizable GPS tracking software.

GpsGate’s GPS tracking solution is future-proof. You should never have to change software providers again.

So what’s new in beta?

Focus: scalability

The status panel is now better organized with easy-on-the-eyes viewing options. It’s very easy to get a quick overview of a vehicle whether you have a small or large fleet.

The new vehicle info panel now has a shortcut menu. You can access common actions on the panel. This helps operators do fast and efficient work.

Focus: user-interface

The status panel now uses the cards design you’ve seen in the command panel and Dispatch. The cards are easily viewed and visually intuitive. You see only the key information you choose. If a vehicle tracker doesn’t have a specific signal, the card will not show to keep the workspace clean.

The panel design can be saved to the workspace, so you can create multiple options for different operations. You also still have the option to view signals in list view - and can easily switch between the two.

The vehicle info panel is so fresh and so clean. There is no clutter on this panel! You can choose whether to show full vehicle info or only the basics to keep the display minimal.

An ‘Actions’ shortcut button still makes common tasks and info easily accessible. You can quickly edit a user. You can draw tracks. Working with notes is easy - quickly add a note or view the notes from the Actions button.

Focus: customization

The status panel is completely customizable. You choose which signals/inputs you want to display. It can be optimized for all business needs and positions, whether operator or fleet manager. A simple checkbox indicates whether the signal will be displayed.

You can also quickly change the order of the signals displayed. Simply drag and drop! Signals available from the vehicle selected are shown in black.

As mentioned, you can save the workspace. The signals visible, signal order, and the selected view (grid/list) show the same when you reload.

The vehicle info panel displays the custom vehicle image set for the user. This lets you easily identify the vehicle or driver you are tracking. The screenshot above shows the custom user image.

Update your beta server and try out the new panels today! Your feedback is always welcome.

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