No clouds on the GpsGate sky!

GpsGate wants to give you the best of two worlds, both the easy to use and manage cloud experience, and the control of data you get by installing software on computers you control yourself.

No Cloud

All GpsGate competitors have centralized cloud solutions with one common storage for all their users. This can be convenient to start with but brings in concerns later on. Who can access your data? What happens if your tracking cloud goes out of business, or for other reasons shuts you off the service? Can your data be mixed up with others? Can you move your data out of the cloud?

GpsGate gives you control of your own data. Most our customers prefer an on site installation on a computer they control themselves. Note that the computer itself can be a virtual “cloud” computer, the point is that you control it. If you still need help with running your server, GpsGate can offer hosting with a separate database. This database can at request be moved out of the hosting service.

GpsGate has put a lot of effort to make GpsGate Server as easy to manage and setup as it was a cloud service. You can install GpsGate in less than 10 minutes as shown in this video. Updates and new features are easily installed with a click. A comprehensive set of guides and an easy to use web interface gets you started quickly.

GpsGate also has a set of tools and guides available for you to feel safe and easy address any problems with your on site installed GpsGate Server. The WatchDog service keeps you informed by SMS or email if something is wrong. GpsGate will assist you to recover any stalled server if you have your support agreement in place. And by using the Cleanup plugin you can avoid running out of disk space. And finally backup your data if the worst should happen (All this we will take care of if we host the server for you.)

One of the selling points of cloud based software is that you do not need to hire any staff with IT skills. But what if the software is easy to use anyway? And what if you already have some IT skills in-house, and management of the server won’t consume much time?

We at GpsGate call this “no cloud”. In the world of GpsGate all is sunshine smile The data is under your control with all the benefits of what the cloud offers.

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