October release: Native Maps, Fleet updates

Native Maps 2.0 is now live! And Fleet lets you share your location from the app and gives built-in event reporting on trips.

Native Maps 2.0

Our new native map lets you interact with your data as never before. You choose your theme to optimize the map based on your current task. Loading and moving the map is fast and seamless.
Start testing our new Native Maps 2.0 Beta today.

Native Maps 2.0 gives you the option of a standard theme (what you’re used to) or a low contrast theme. We’ve optimized the low contrast theme for geofences, Road Works activity tracks, and similar data (see image below). The road names and map details fade into the background so that you can concentrate on the activity and data at hand.

Vector-based rendering
Loading, scrolling, and zooming are all improved by vector-based rendering on the back-end. Interacting with the map is smooth and seamless.

Fleet App

Sharing your location is now possible within the Fleet app. It uses the same Publish plugin as the Vehicle Tracker to share location, so you share a URL that shows the live position of a vehicle for one day.

Event reporting is now built into Trips. When you view a trip in Fleet, you’ll see all of the events that occurred during the trip. Fleet managers get an excellent overview of the vehicle’s activity at all times.

These features will be available in beta and then pushed to general release. To get access now, update your beta app.

...and more!

We have some exciting improvements that will come out in beta in the coming days. Be on the lookout! Plus, there are some more improvements under the hood in today’s release that can be discovered in the full release notes.

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