October release: two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is now available to keep your server - and your customers' fleet data - safe and secure. Read on to learn what else the October release includes.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is now live. Enabling it on your server adds an extra layer of security to user sign-ins. Each customer and user can choose whether they would like to use it.

Users will be asked to verify their identity with a time-based one-time password (TOTP) application like Google Authenticator when signing in. Users can also choose to have the system remember them for 30 days before they are required to authenticate again.

Fleet managers also get 2FA on the Fleet app. Since the Fleet app helps managers stay on top of the fleet’s activity while away from the office, there is a lot of valuable (possibly sensitive) information accessible in the app. 2FA helps keep it secure.

Adding new devices

We continue to enhance the workflow for getting new devices online, building on our September release. The less time you spend here, the more time you can spend delighting your fleet customers.

  • • Auto-generated names are suggested for new devices
  • • Changes to the menus to ensure that you can enter the required fields quickly and efficiently

A track is essentially a breadcrumb trail - showing where a vehicle has traveled and what they’ve done. Track data is critical to fleet management, so we’ve made a few track-related updates in October.

Improved simulator tracks
The device simulator is great for testing, demos, and training. We’ve improved the simulator tracks to give more accurate and realistic data.

Improved track data performance
What good is a ton of track data if it doesn’t load quickly? After some back-end tweaks, you may notice improvements in track data performance for a speedier UI experience.

More details & resources

You’ll find some other great enhancements in the release, including support for custom ArcGIS servers.

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