Office and field workers will love the new features in the Dispatch preview release

Dispatch's new features in preview release help you manage the full spectrum of a job from creation to completion. On-site signatures, job media, and scheduling!

Dispatch’s new beta features provide new functionality for both field workers and office workers. You can upload media out in the field, or upload the files in the office for field workers to see on a job. Customers can also sign for deliveries/jobs directly in the mobile app! You can save time, reduce paperwork, and maintain better records.

Media files on jobs

Sign on glass

Sign on glass in the mobile app certifies the job’s completion on-site with the end customer. You have a client signature for your records whether it’s a delivery, visit, service call, or other type of job.

You’ll never be worried about losing a hard copy of a confirmation. Field workers won’t need to bring extra forms and job order copies back to the office. Signatures are available to operators and managers as custom media.

Upload media while on-site at jobs

Field workers can upload media to jobs while on-site. This includes photo, video, and audio. How might you use it?

  • • Video: current conditions on job sites
  • • Photo: before & after photos of completed jobs
  • • Audio: record a walk-through, narrate job details, or send a conversation with a co-worker about the job specifics

Provide media to workers in the field

Field workers also have access to media the office adds to a job. A photo might help a sales representative identify a new customer. A video might let a worker see extra details they need for an on-site repair.

Scheduling recurring routes

Many businesses will schedule and complete the same jobs and routes over and over. The job details are the same each time. Scheduling now lets you set routes as recurring. Simply select the days the route should recur as your schedule. Create it once and be done!

You might have a weekly delivery on Tuesday, or visit the same customer every Monday and Thursday. With scheduling, you don’t need to create a new route for each occurence. Your operators won’t waste time creating jobs and routes with the same details each week.

Bonus reminder

Don’t forget - our Dispatch mobile apps are open source, so you can customize them as you need. And our APIs let you integrate GpsGate and all data - including signatures and media captured in the mobile app - with your other business critical systems.

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