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One of our big focus areas going forward is continuing to improve your experience using GpsGate. We release each month, and we have updated single components as well as entire panels. We’ve also introduced completely new features for our users.

You may have missed something with all of the recent releases and changes. Don’t worry, we’re giving you an overview in this blog post.


Our new dashboard beta is out with July’s release and it’s better than ever. We’ve optimized the backend and remade the layout. You have a clear and customizable view of your fleet’s status.

The dashboard items are expandable to show a large graph of the data. You can easily pinpoint any time of day and identify trends.


Command Panel
We’ve scaled up the performance and made it easier to get an overview of commands sent and their current status. Read more here.

Vehicle Info Panel
A new clean look means easy and accessible information. There is also added functionality with shortcuts to the most common tasks. Read more here.

Status Panel
We updated the status panel to provide an easy visual overview of your vehicle’s status. And of course, you can customize what information you want to see! Read more here.

Geofence Panel
This panel got a brand new look with improved overview and scalability. You easily can set up and organize your geofences. Read more here.

Map Layers

With map layers, it’s quick and easy to toggle different layers on your map. You can focus on what’s most important. Read more here.

Icons and Notifiers

Vehicle Map Markers
We’ve refreshed the looks of the vehicle map markers with custom label icons and marker icons. They give a quick update on your vehicles’ statuses. While we were at it, we also updated the Marker Attribute box to match these changes. Read more here.

Vehicle List Icon Notifiers
Display the status of your event rules via icons in the vehicle list. Your operators and managers will know the status with a glance.

Status Notifiers
Get a quick update of what your vehicles are up to with the new Status column in the vehicle panel.

More details & resources

Moving forward, we will continue to strive for clarity, simplicity, and consistency. Our focus is always on scalability and making GpsGate customizable to fit every business’ needs. We’re so grateful for all the input and feedback we’ve received from you. It has helped guide our efforts to become even more user-friendly.

If you have any thoughts you would like to share with us, please visit this forum thread or reach out to us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). We’re really excited about upcoming improvements and look forward to sharing them with you!


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