Preview release: two-factor authentication

Increase server security by using two-factor authentication. Now available with the October release

Keeping your server - and your customers’ fleet data - secure is a business-critical necessity. Two-factor authentication (2FA) helps ensure that only authorized users are able to log in to the server and customer applications. Since data privacy is so crucial in today’s world, we’ve added 2FA as an additional security measure for our partners and their customers.

How 2FA works

As the name says, two-factor authentication requires a user to supply two factors to prove their identity in order to access the system. GpsGate’s 2FA uses a time-based one-time password (TOTP) that the user can access via a TOTP authenticator app on their personal smartphone. This means that to log in, they must first enter their username and password, and then enter the one-time password that displays in their authenticator app.

The extra step of having access to their smartphone in real-time in order to enter the one-time password greatly increases security for the system.

2FA is optional for each user, so customers can choose the level of account security they desire.

We welcome your feedback on the new 2FA feature.

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