Real time GPS tracking for Car rental companies

GpsGate Server is used by many car rental companies to increase service level and decrease risk factors and fleet operational cost. Embedded technologies such as Real Time Tracking, Vehicle Tagging and Automatic Alarms could significantly decrease risk factors like speeding or vehicle stealing. You can also keep track of the good health of your fleet by using the Vehicle Maintenance to have your vehicles in optimal condition and available for your customers.

Quickly find vehicle that suffered a breakdown

A customer renting a car might have problems in describing its position in case of a car breakdown. For the car rental company it is often tedious work to locate the vehicle because it’s hard to estimate what service depot or car service is most suitable for helping the customer. Using GpsGate will make this task much easier.

Solution Description
* SOS Alerts The driver can generate SOS alert from pushing a button in the car. This will generate an event in real time that will be received by the server. Setup
* Real Time Fleet View You directly locate a vehicle from the fleet manager interface. You can search by name, group or see the available vehicles in an specific area in the map. Info
* Vehicle Tags You can group vehicles into categories to quickly find the type that can perform the job better. The distance to the pick up is displayed for all vehicles. Video
* Points Of Interest You may want to know which vehicle is closer to what rental office location. You can upload your own POIs to GpsGate Server and generate reports of which vehicles had visited them. Video
Recover a missing vehicle

When a rental car is stolen it causes problems and costs large amounts of money to the car rental company. With this tools you can easily track your vehicles in real time and configure automatic alarms in case of exceeding predefined limits.

Solution Description
* Real time positioning You can follow your vehicles and assets on a map in real time. Up-to-date vehicle locations and status information keep you in control. Video
* Geofences alarms When a vehicle leaves a predefined area, the system can generate alerts based on geofences events. Video
* SMS / Email notifications All mentioned features can be setup to be displayed in a web interface or sent by SMS or Email to a user or a group of users. Setup
Extend your fleet lifetime

Is important to know when maintenance has to be performed for each vehicle to keep your fleet in an optimal condition with vehicles available at any moment.

Solution Description
* Vehicle Maintenance Keep track of when its time to perform a service of each vehicle in the fleet. Extend the lifetime of your rental cars thanks to this functionality. Setup
Evaluate your customer’s driving behaviour

The use of your vehicles by your customers over factors like excessive speed or harsh driving will dramatically reduce fuel consumption and increase your vehicle’s lifetime. With GpsGate Server car rental companies can offer a discount to customers that show that they have not been speeding during their car rental and/or obtained a good driving rate douring the car’s usage. When the car is returned a speeding report can be printed and used in order to give your customer a compensation for his good behaviour. Is a win-win solution.

Solution Description
* Speeding alerts You can have speed limits alerts based on real speed limits from OSM. Setup
* ECO driving reports Get a driver rating based on harsh acceleration, breaking and speed. Setup
Devices supported

* This features are supported by all devices.

* SOS: all A-track devices (SOS hardware connected to the A-track device required).
** ECO Driving is supported by A-Track AX7

All this features are available at no additional cost and are included in the solution.

For more information check the full list of supported devices.

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