Release: maintenance and add user redesign

This month we have a maintenance release with a special treat: we included a redesigned process flow for adding a user!

This month’s release includes lots of back-end maintenance and improvements. We also released a UI change to the ‘add user’ process that should improve the user experience for both new users and seasoned GpsGate users. Additionally, power users may notice some performance improvements and other small tweaks. As we do each month, we’ve also continued adding to our supported devices list.

Add User Redesign

Adding a user in the Vehicle Tracker is a common task, and we’ve updated the flow to make it faster and easier. How does it work?

  • • +Device is the new default button (adding a device to track a vehicle is the most common new user action)
  • • Access other user types with the down arrow
  • • The last user type selected will remain on the button so you can quickly add another user of the same type

All of the user types in the system are available (including custom user types).

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