Release: in-app search and device simulator

The new in-app search lets you find exactly what you're looking for with a quick click or keyboard shortcut. The new device simulator lets you demo, test, and train without a device. Plus, you can now integrate geofence data into a custom panel.

In-app search

The power of search is now in the Vehicle Tracker! You can search for anything within an application with a click on the search button (top right of the menu bar) or by just typing a period ’ . ’ We’ve fondly called it Mega Search internally, and it lives up to its nickname.

Simply type a few letters, and the system starts displaying matches. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can narrow down the search to users, geofences, or POIs. Check out some search tips and shortcuts.

Don’t forget to give us feedback on your search results. We’re working hard to make searches as relevant as possible, and your feedback will help us to continue to refine the feature. Click on the feedback icon in the search feature to rate the experience and leave optional comments.

New device simulator

The new device simulator is built-in to the Vehicle Tracker to give you as much flexibility as possible. New users can test GpsGate without a device tracker. Experienced users can demo the product and conduct training whenever and wherever they’d like - no hardware required.

With the device simulator, you specify the starting point and then add in your destination (and even stops along the way, if you’d like). Get started now.

Geofence custom panels

You can now display geofence data in a custom panel. When you click on a geofence, you can see all of the users within the geofence. If you haven’t used custom panels yet, this use case might be a good place to start. Learn more here.

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