Release: vehicle list updates

You can now pause the vehicle list sorting for precise vehicle selection! Developers get more JSON functionality, and all end users will appreciate more user form UI updates.

Vehicle list

You can now pause sorting on the vehicle list! Whenever you hover your mouse over the list, the sorting will pause so that you can work with the users and data. The data will still update in the columns, so you won’t miss anything important.

You want real-time fleet data to stay on top of business. Real-time data means constant value changes that change the list order. With larger fleets, this can make it hard to select the vehicle you want. A pause in sorting lets you easily select the vehicle you want. After a few (6) seconds of inactivity, the list will begin to update again based on real-time data.

User form

The user forms continue to evolve to improve the end user experience. You may notice some changes in navigation and the interface: it’s now a sidebar navigation, and the roles use the same table layout as tags. We’ve also made some back-end changes around user validation, keyboard support, and more.

JSON store

We now allow a directory of state objects that you can reference instead of having one state object. This lets you store much more data than the app state. You might use this with web service scripts in custom panels, and it’s also available in some click scripts. For more, visit our developer portal. The developer portal and our customizable platform let you solve complex problems that aren’t already built into the system functionality. Contact our support team if you have questions about a use case.

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