Don’t learn the hard way why using a scalable platform is so important

Our mission is helping our tracking partners grow. One way we do that is through platform scalability.

GpsGate is designed with your growth in mind. Many of our customers have experienced extreme growing pains on other GPS tracking applications - our platform is the solution. You have a stable environment with applications and customization layered on top. Our tracking partners can support large customers and not worry about the platform.

We don’t want you to learn the hard way why scalability is key. Let’s talk about how things are different with GpsGate’s platform. We’ll review a few common scenarios for growing businesses.

You have a new, very large customer. Can you handle them?

What you don’t want: to purchase, set up, and pay for additional servers to handle the volume.

The GpsGate way: You can have more than 25,000 vehicles in a single application. Our platform is optimized so that you can serve even more customers and host even more applications on the same hardware you currently have.

You have a new group of vehicles to add.

What you don’t want: a software that requires you to treat each vehicle as a unique entity. Make changes on an individual level. Create rules and geofences vehicle by vehicle.

The GpsGate way: easy management of vehicle fleets. GpsGate was built to support fleets efficiently. Tags let you easily apply settings to multiple vehicles. You can apply a rule, a geofence, and more to many vehicles at once with tags. You will never create the same geofence over and over, vehicle by vehicle. Your updates are instantly in the system.

Managing a system vehicle by vehicle can seem easy when you start small. However, it soon becomes a huge time issue to manage things at an individual level. GpsGate is built to let you grow from Day 1.

You need to edit variables for multiple vehicles.

What you don’t want:  to edit each vehicle individually. To need help from customer support to get your vehicles updated.

The GpsGate way: Use a batch operation to quickly update all of the vehicles you choose. No hassle and no waiting.

New device type! How do you add it?

What you don’t want: to find out your new device isn’t supported. To wait each time you have a new device for Support to manually add it.

The GpsGate way: GpsGate currently supports over 650 devices. Using our device mapper, you can easily connect your new hardware. You can standardize the output so that it matches the signals from your other device types. If the device isn’t currently supported (this is very rare!), we get added quickly.

Your customers need custom reports.

What you don’t want: to wait around for reports. Queries, processing data, and rendering reports can take a long time with systems that aren’t built to scale. And you don’t want to wait for support each time you want to create a custom report.

The GpsGate way: You have over 30 standard reports, and the ability to create any custom report you need. Our reports run fast because we invest in constantly improving our disk usage and data processing speeds.

Managers & operators need real-time data to make critical business decisions.

What you don’t want: data that’s hard to find in the user interface. Slow load time for maps and real-time data.

The GpsGate way: Each piece of our system is designed and redesigned with scale in mind. Our feature panels use carousel views to let you see an overview and quickly drill down to the data you need. Search is lightning fast, whether you are searching for one vehicle among thousands (click, and zoom right in on it!) or one geofence among hundreds of others.

No matter the situation, GpsGate is the scalable platform that lets your business grow. We provide a future-proof platform to our tracking partners. You can take on as much business as you can handle, and never worry about whether the software will support it. Our APIs and scripting let you create custom solutions for any customer need.
From the first vehicle to the 100,000th vehicle, GpsGate provides stable, fast, and comprehensive fleet management. That is true scalability.

We’re scalable, PLUS:
  • Zero up-front costs. GpsGate offers a 30 day free trial. If you like us, keep using us after the trial month. You’ll receive a bill at the end of the second month.
  • Better cash flow with month-end billing. You’ll have more cash to fund your sales and operations during the month.
  • Updates & Support are always included. You have the latest features with our monthly releases. And our friendly support team is always ready to answer your questions.
  • You only pay for what you use. With usage-based monthly pricing, you never pay for licenses you aren’t using.
  • Your fees scale with your business. You’re never locked into a monthly level.
  • There is no long-term contract. You pay as you go and we work hard to keep your business.
  • Cloud & On-site options are available. Cloud is an all-inclusive service with hosting. On-site lets you install GpsGate behind your firewall.
How to get started

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Read more about some recent scalability projects here.


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