September release: ultimate real-time reporting and system integration

Fleet managers get the real-time info they need with Dashboard. Business owners get more REST and scripting resources for system integration & customization.

Dashboard just keeps getting better

At GpsGate, we’re making sure that the right information is available to the right person at the right time. Dashboards are key for showing real-time data and stats to operators, managers, and more. September’s release brings even more dashboard updates and upgrades.

Multi-line carousel - Don’t let your screen size limit the amount of information you see. With the new multi-line carousel, you can get all of the stats you need on one screen.

Historical charts - It’s not always just about this exact moment. Dashboard now has day, week, and month historical charts. You can keep tabs on recent trends, easily spot outliers based on those trends, and see historical data at a glance without running a report.

UI improvements - We’re removing extra clutter from the screen and adding more capabilities. In the dashboard, you’ll only see a dashboard item’s arrows and buttons when you hover over an item card. This keeps the display nice and clean. Clickable thumbnails let you see the data larger for quick analysis and deep dives.

New REST and scripting resources

Being able to integrate with other systems lets you share important data. You shouldn’t have to log into 5 programs to find what you need. We continue to add more REST resources to be sure you can get exactly the data you need into and out of GpsGate.

Customization creates value. You can customize GpsGate to give your customers exactly what they need. Even more scripting resources means more options.

  • • edit user by username
  • • get user by username
  • • edit customfield by customfield
  • • ‘commands’ now available in web service scripts

Dispatch receives a few tweaks and updates in the release. Behind the scenes, we made updates to optimize the load speed of jobs and improve search results. Power users will appreciate the attention to smaller details, like:

  • • Worker cards with a small number of jobs now auto-expand to show all jobs. You control the threshold setting.
  • • Easier rescheduling of routes via right click.
  • • Pre-assign a route - the worker selected for a schedule is pre-assigned all routes created in the schedule.
  • • Smaller UI improvements.
And more!

You may notice smaller UI tweaks, and the effects of additional back-end performance and stability updates. Check the full release notes for all of the details.

More details & resources

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