September release: Updates to route geofences & Fleet app

Drawing route geofences gets a brand new UI and capabilities. Routes now snap to the roads so you can plan faster and more accurately. Plus, we've added commands & localization to the new Fleet app and more.

Route geofence updates

Route geofences now snap to roads when you draw them on the map.

You can draw highly accurate geofences in less time. You’ll be on the right road going the right direction. We consider things like one-way streets and turning restrictions.

This also helps make the routes incredibly accurate, which is key for alerts and reporting.

Learn more about the improvements to drawing route geofences here.

Fleet app: localization & commands

Localization is now available in the new Fleet app. No matter what language your customers need, you can provide it for the mobile app. You can translate and customize the language throughout the app.

You can also now send commands on the go. Whether you need to immobilize a stolen vehicle or modify device parameters, commands help keep fleets safe.

And more!

More additions this month include developer resources and behind the scenes improvements. For example, a new REST resource lets you update a user’s custom fields. Find the new resource here.

You can read more about other additions to this month’s release in the full release notes linked below.

More details & resources

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