25,000 reasons this Server 5 release will help you grow your business

Today's Server 5 release focuses on SCALABILITY. Scalability means 25,000 vehicles in one application. Scalability means you can have more vehicles using the same hardware you use today plus improved system performance. Scalability means you can handle more clients and bigger fleets.

25k vehicles = 25k reasons 2018 could be your biggest year yet.

It all boils down to two huge benefits:

  • More vehicles, same hardware. You can grow your business without incurring additional hardware costs.
  • Improved system performance. Real-time info and no waiting, even if you are viewing a large fleet.
  • How did we do it? Let’s discuss a few big changes:

    Vehicle List

    Backend improvements mean a notable improvement in performance for the front-end users. Vehicles in the list and on the map will display upon login without delay. Even with large fleets, you won’t be waiting for the fleet to load and your application won’t freeze. The map will also load quickly and be more responsive. Fleet maintenance tasks such as saving roles, tags, and event rules are blazing fast. No more waiting!

    How did we pull this off? With the emphasis on the UI, we prioritize making information that matters for Vehicle Tracker users available right away before other data. We’ve optimized the memory consumption of the back-end processes. We’ve also reduced the pressure on the database. Information is shared between calls and data is batched together to increase application speed for the end user.

    Device Manager

    The device manager now lets you execute commands across tens of thousands of vehicles. Push technology allows instant feedback in the UI on command activity without affecting Vehicle Tracker performance. New progress bars also show the real-time progress of your batch of executed commands.

    Command Panel

    There are even more visible changes to the command panel. You now have two views: Active Commands and Command History. Both views collect all command feedback and categorize them. You can also see real-time stats at a glance - stats for executed/completed commands, and the state of the full batch. Need more detail? You can expand the command to see details for each device just as you could in the previous version. We use push technology and a new scalable UI, so you can see lots of detail, or choose only a small statistics panel, both with real-time data.

    More details

    2018 is THE YEAR OF GROWTH. We are committed to helping our partners grow. Our work is not done. We continue to optimize each part of GpsGate Server to be 25k ready and we aren’t stopping there. Scalability remains one of our top priorities so that your business and revenue can grow.

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