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There are millions of assets in the world that need protection to avoid theft. Many people are willing to pay to secure their assets. If you start an asset protection business you have a huge market to work on wherever you are in the world.

Examples of Valuable Assets that you can help people to protect

are reported stolen all over the world and this causes great problem for both boat owners and insurance companies. Many Insurance companies offer their customers a lower price on the insurance if a GPS based security system is installed in the boat. MCS is reporting that 10,000 Boats are stolen in Europe every year(1). The owner often needs to search for the boat through the Police by themselves as in New Zeeland(2).

MCS is reporting that 10,000 Boats are stolen in Europe every year


are popular targets for thieves. In Europe there are more than 2.5 million motorbikes missing and the average recovery rate of just 45%(3). In USA more than 40,000 motorbikes were stolen in 2014(4) and less than half are recovered.


are expensive and also a target for thieves. On the internet you can find web sites that help people to recover their stolen assets(5). In websites for stolen assets you can see that the value is high for a person that wants to recover an asset (up to USD 10,000)(6). People even try to find their stolen assets on social media(7). With GpsGate Asset protection you can provide security to anyone with a valuable Asset. Recovering the asset can be done at a much lower cost with GpsGate Server.

GpsGate has announced a new business concept called “Asset protection”. This is a very easy way for you to create your own asset protection business with minimum cost and admin.

Summary of Asset Protection with GpsGate
  1. Minimum administration for you to set up your asset protection business (automatic creation of QR codes to simplify setup process)
  2. Minimum installation work for the end customer (scan QR code + hide the tracker in asset)
  3. The end user can lock the asset from a smartphone. If the asset is stolen alarms are sent by E-mail and SMS to alert the user and recovery of the asset can be done before its too late.
  4. The end user can ask for lower insurance cost since extra security is added to the asset.
How to get started
  1. Download GpsGate Server from here:
  2. Set up your SMS solution for device configuration. You can start to use the Android based SMS solution that is available in GpsGate Server.
  3. Get asset trackers from Queclink.
  4. Get SIM cards with a good price plan for telematics. Tele2 offer a free starter kit for telematics:
  5. Install the Asset protection plugin in your GpsGate Server.
  6. Create your Asset protection offer and present it to a retail store, telco or other suitable sales channels.

Read More information about Asset Protection from GpsGate:


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