You should be offering temperature monitoring in 2018

The cold chain transport market isn't cooling down. How can temperature tracking services grow your business?

Across industries and countries, cold chain transport is growing. Temperature tracking along with GPS is becoming a common transport need.

You can be up and running with temperature monitoring today - the GpsGate & Teltonika solution makes it easier than ever. Read on to learn more about the benefits, the market, and the easy set up.

Temperature monitoring with GpsGate + Teltonika
  • • Issues caught in real-time before they are expensive mistakes
  • • Fewer transports lost to delays, spoilage, or temperature violations
  • • Comprehensive report data for any non-compliant events
  • • Customizable alerts, notifications, and temperature limits to make the solution work for you
  • • Setup completed in MINUTES for Teltonika devices with application and report templates
  • • SO MUCH MORE. Our web-based GPS tracking solutions provides security/fleet protection, dispatch, and route optimization. Eco-driving, fuel use, and maintenance tracking reports help fleets stay efficient. GpsGate provides scalable software, constantly improving UI, and partner pricing options.

More about setup:

We’ve made setup possible in minutes with supported devices in GpsGate Server. We recommend using Teltonika model FMB120, FMB630, or FMA120. They are powerful hardware for GPS and integrated temperature tracking. The installation guide covers how to:

  • • Import the templates and reports in SiteAdmin and sync your application
  • • Setup your users in your application
  • • Make any customizations to temperature limits, notifications, and reports

Template files and a step-by-step installation guide are available. Sales guidance and market background information is included in the file package. Download now or learn more here.

GpsGate Partners can also download a ready sales sheet. You can customize it with your own company logo, and it’s the perfect leave-behind material for prospects.
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More about temperature tracking and cold chain transport:

Cold chain transport requires strict temperature maintenance for clients with regulated products. Regulated products can include:

  • • pharmaceuticals: vaccines and medicine
  • • food: meat, fish, and seafood, and other perishables like bakery items and dairy
  • • chemicals
  • • animal cargo
  • • electronics

Regulations are usually set at a national level by a governmental agency. Delayed shipments and cargo with temperature violations are expensive. GPS tracking with integrated temperature monitoring means on-time delivery and temperature compliance. Transporters must be up to date and compliant with all laws.

There are overarching best practices and guidelines from health organizations, international transport carriers, and more. You can find these resources at the bottom of this blog.

Teltonika & GpsGate

Teltonika offers a wide range of fleet management products dedicated for professional applications. We recommend three for the solution: FMB120, FMB630, and FMA120. They are all powerful devices and include 1-wire input for temperature. You can find out more about Teltonika here.

GpsGate strives to have the most powerful GPS tracking software. Our software is scalable from small companies to large enterprises - one application can track 25,000 vehicles. We are committed to being the most user-friendly GPS tracking software. Our team is working hard on user interface and workflow updates to make it easy, intuitive, and fast.

Cold chain transport regulations and resources

Note: this is not a comprehensive list of resources and regulations. Please check with your local agencies and customers for more information about cargo-specific requirements.

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