Reporting preview release

We've been working on lots of improvements to our reporting framework: new UI, new report layout, improved geocoding, plus REST resources for reporting. Test it today!

Our new reporting (now available in preview release!) makes it easier than ever to access and use fleet data. Fleet managers can use GpsGate reports to improve fleet and resource usage, increase safety and eco-driving, save money, and meet industry standards. What’s new?

Reporting experience

Reporting user interface

The user interface is brand new. The redesigned reporting functions make it easier to:

  • • manage reports
  • • configure standard reports
  • • create custom reports
  • • schedule recurring reports

Report layout
Our most used standard reports have a new look and feel. The layouts are visually pleasing, and also make it easier to read and digest the data. We’ll continue applying the new design to all GpsGate reports so that no matter what data you need, you benefit from the same slick design.

We’ve optimized the address geocoder for reporting. Sometimes too much information can make a report difficult to read, and our new geocoder simplifies addresses for display in reports. The address now defaults to address + city, skipping extra fields like zip code, state, and country.

Reporting delivery
Scheduled reports are often delivered via email. Since reports can contain so much data, emails with report attachments can get stuck in email and spam filters. We switched to including a report link in the email rather than an attachment. This lets fleet managers confidently share data with key stakeholders in a secure and reliable fashion.

We’ve also made it easier to work while you wait for data-heavy reports to run. Unobtrusive notifications alert you when reports are ready to view.

REST reporting resources

REST APIs for reporting management and automation are now available. We have get / post / put / delete resources to create reports, update reports, manage reporting file formats, and more.

More details & resources

We welcome your feedback on the reporting preview release. As always, contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to send us suggestions and questions.

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