The power of customization - a customer story

Customizing the vehicle status panel with real-time daily vehicle statistics: a real customer case to see GpsGate's flexible platform in action.

A GpsGate customer found themselves needing a lot of daily vehicle statistics in real-time. While this information was often accessed via daily reports, operators and managers also wanted to view up-to-date stats for a vehicle directly in the application. This ‘single view of a vehicle’ provides all of the critical info you need.

What’s the solution when GpsGate doesn’t fit your exact use case? Some simple customization!

The use case & requirements

The end customer has certain daily vehicle statistics that are crucial to their business. They wanted to make these key stats available immediately upon selecting a vehicle - no waiting for a report! Simply click on a vehicle and see the info.

For example, they want to answer questions like:

  • • What’s the total drive time so far today?
  • • How far has the vehicle driven today?
  • • What’s the maximum speed of the vehicle today?
The solution

We worked with the customer to identify a solution that fulfilled all of their use case requirements. It involved some simple customization to the vehicle status panel that created cards for all of the critical daily statistics. Operators and managers see all of the data they need with one button click.

Learn how to implement the solution on your server.

The result

The customer is saving valuable time by viewing key statistics on-demand in the vehicle status panel. Other vehicle statistics can be added in the same manner (e.g. daily engine hours or daily fuel consumption).

The customization was possible in only a few hours thanks to the flexibility of GpsGate. Since each customer has unique needs, we make integration, extension, and customization easy. Learn how to customize the vehicle status panel with the tutorial below. If you have questions about another customer use case, contact our support team.


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