Translate Plugins into your own language

This method is obsolete, please click this link for an updated version of the Localization feature.

After the introduction of GpsGate Server 3.0 and the Plugin Repository all Plugins have their own language files and therefore you need to translate them individually.

If a Plugin lacks a translation the Plugin will fall back to the default English language file.

You have to translate all your installed plugins individually if they lack a translation.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how that is done.

In this example I’m going to translate the Disptach Plugin language file into Spanish. The same procedure applies to all other languages and all other plugins. If your language is not downloadable in the Repository then you can create your own from scratch. How that’s done is covered here.

Start off by going to the Plugin repository found under “Plugins” in the top menu. Then select the “Get more Plugins” tab. Scroll down until you find the Espanol language and press Install and follow the installation process.

Download Language plugin

Then go to the directory IIS\Resources\Languages\ under your Server installation root directory. Here you will find all your current language files (.lang). Here you have the default English.lang file and also a file named espanol.lang. You should also have all the default language files for all your installed plugins. The language files for the plugins are named with plugin name followed by the language and then the file extension .lang.

Open document

Open the espanol.lang file in a text editor like Notepad2 or any similar editor that can handle UTF-8 encoding.
Select and copy the second code line “&alt;Language lng=“Español” enablecache=“true”>” and close the document again.

After that open the document named Dispatch.english.lang. Go to File and choose Save As. Name the new document Dispatch.espanol.lang.
Now replace the second line of code “&alt;Language lng=“English” enablecache=“true”>” with the code line you copied earlier “&alt;Language lng=“Español” enablecache=“true”>”.

You can now start to translate all the language keys from English into Spanish. Remember to only alter the words between the Phrase tags. See example below.




When done with the translation save the document again and repeat the process for all your other plugin language files. Remember to save the files with a .espanol.lang ending and change lng=”English” to lng=”Español” in every file.

Now turn you attention back to Site Admin again. Go to “Settings” in the top menu and then “Localization” in the sub-menu. To make you changes take effect you need the update the language cache. To do so press the “Rescan Language and Measurement” -button.

Rescan Languages

Go and have a look inside your VehicleTracker application to make sure everything looks the way you want it.

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