Translurenije save 180,000 USD on stolen vehicle recovery

Translurenije S.R.L in Peru recently had one of their vehicles stolen. Both the vehicle and the valuable merchandise could be recovered with the real time tracking solution based on GpsGate Server.

Description of the business problem

Translurenije S.R.L,  a cargo transportation company in Peru, wanted to get better overview of their vehicle fleet due to the high risk of hijackings. There was a need for increased security for the drivers and the merchandise. If a vehicle was late it was not possible to see if the car was just delayed or if it had been hijacked or stolen.

Solution that was provided

Daegy Electronics Peru SAC has provided a real time GPS tracking solution based on GpsGate Server. If a vehicle is late for arrival its now easy for Translurenije to quickly find out if the vehicle is on its way or if the vehicle has been hijacked or stolen.

If the vehicle is stolen and the driver can not be reached over phone the Police is contacted. The police can be guided to the vehicle either by guidance from a fleet manager or directly using a light weight Mobile phone interface to he tracking application.

With GpsGate Server Daegy Electronics is compliant with the Peruvian GPS tracking regulations set by the Superintendency of Land Transport of People, Cargo and Freight, “Sutran” (Superintendencia de Transporte Terrestre de Personas, Carga y Mercancías, “Sutran”). More information about Sutran.

Business result

Since the implementation of the solution one vehicle has been hijacked. The police was able to rescue the driver and recover both the brand new truck worth 120,000 USD and the merchandise worth 60,000 USD. Had the merchandise not been recovered it would also have meant customer losses with long term negative consequences for the business.

Description of the Technical solution used

GpsGate Server is used for monitoring all vehicles in real time in web GUI. VT-300 tracking devices from Meiligao are installed in the vehicles. Daegy Electronics is providing the real time tracking service and management and installation of the tracking devices for multiple customers.

More information

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Providing transport services to exporters in Peru. Transports of the merchandise are done from customers plant to the port for export to Central and Latin America.

Daegy Electronics Peru Sac,

Is a company that develops solutions to meet the needs of electronic security institutions in both private and government. The company has a team of highly qualified people in different areas of support and customer service. Daegy Electronics is also an importer and dealer of electronic security equipment from the best brands worldwide.

Meiligao Electronics Co. Ltd, Shenzhen

Have nearly 10 years of experience manufacturing GPS logging and tracking devices. The company is selling on a global market and is known for high quality products with competetive pricing.

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