Trust your server

Do you want to get an email or SMS when there is something wrong with your GpsGate Server? Here is how it can be done.

Get an email or SMS when something is wrong with your server.

Hopefully your server just keeps running, but you never know… It is not your customers that should notify you when something is wrong grin You should be able to fix problems before they become an issue.

We have a “WatchDog” service which we now make more publicly available. The service will monitor your server and send you a SMS or email when something is detected to be wrong. For example if the server goes off line, there is performance problems, database problems, some types of network problems etc. The intention is that you should be able to trust the server is running fine, and if it needs attention it should notify you through our watchdog service.

Here are some conditions that can be detected:
Server off line
Performance problems
Protocol problems
Database problems
Number of trackers online goes under a certain limit.
SMS and email sending issues.

How do I get the WatchDog service?

This service is available for on site server installations with 25 or more licenses with a valid maintenance and support agreement, and for this category of servers it is free. The watchdog service runs on our servers and your server connects to it to be monitored. This service is already part of the hosting service, which means you don’t need to care if you have a hosted server since we already monitor your server.

Are you interested please send us an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we will send you setup instructions.

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