Updated table controls in the Web UI

We have updated the table controls in the VehicleTracker application that are used to list data such as Vehicles, Tracks, Track Points, Events, and so on. Here is a summary of the enhanced functionality.

The main enhancement in the new table controls is it speed. You can now list more vehicles within a view without affecting the responsiveness of the user interface.

Install and Setup
  1. Login to SiteAdmin
  2. Navigate to Plugins
  3. In the My plugins section, verify you have all your plugins up to date
Column resizer

You can resize the table columns by right clicking between 2 column headers and dragging the slider to the right or left. You will see a col-resize cursor whenever this is possible.

Column reordering

You can reorder columns by left clicking on a column header and, while holding the left click, drag the column to the right or left. Let go of the left button once you’re satisfied with the result.

Showing and hiding columns

Using the column selector, you can show or hide different columns. The column selector is accessible by right clicking anywhere on the columns header.

Data sorting

You can sort the table data by left clicking on a column header. Not all columns support sorting, but the ones that do will sort the data within the table based on the data within that column.

Force fit columns

If for some reason you need more space for the columns than there is available within the panel/window, you can disable the ‘Force fit columns’ and resize the columns ‘outside’ of the panel/window. This will add a horizontal scrollbar to help you navigate the table. The ‘Force fit columns’ setting is available in the same menu as the ‘Column Selector’, by right clicking on the column headers.

Quick navigation using your keyboard

You can quickly navigate between 2 rows within a table by using the up/down keys on your keyboard.

Persist your changes

All the changes you do to the different tables can be saved to the workspace. This includes column sizes, column order and sorting. You save the workspace by clicking on Workspace -> Save (or Save As). Next time you load this workspace the tables setting will be displayed as you organized them.

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