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Inside GpsGate

Wonder what it's like to work at GpsGate? You're in luck! Learn how we adapted to employees working from home during the pandemic. And take a step inside our Stockholm and Gothenburg offices - we hope to be back there soonl

Customer story: DigiMobi & Hong Kong Airport

Using GpsGate, DigiMobi successfully provides vehicle tracking services to the Hong Kong International Airport. DigiMobi uses customization, ArcGIs maps, integration, indoor/outdoor tracking, and more in their robust solution.

Server administration is moving in-app

Improving GpsGate for server administrators is the focus of September's release. We're relocating server administration settings so that you can change them within any application. We've also made the new Tracks the default for a great end user experience.

GpsGate is growing: now hiring backend developers

Providing a great product to our customers is a top priority at GpsGate. That requires a rock star team, and that team is currently growing. We’re hiring backend developers to work from our Stockholm headquarters.

Vehicle status templates & ArcGIS for Google Maps

This month, we've added more functionality to our beta features, and we've also added some goodies for more advanced user cases. Vehicle status goes custom, ArcGIS map layers work with Google Maps, and device mapper scripts are more flexible.

Experience the new Native Map

Our new Native Map is now live! The new experience offers two different map themes to optimize the end user experience. It also offers the ability to add ArcGIS maps as data layers.

ArcGIS map layers now available

ArcGIS maps can now be layered on the native map - all of your data displayed in flexible layers. Points of Interest (POIs) got a facelift and received backend performance improvements this month. We also added lots more functionality to our features currently in beta: Tracks and Vehicle Status.

Maintaining data privacy for personal-use fleet vehicles

When fleet vehicles are mixed-use (business and personal), data privacy is a concern for companies and employees alike. For fleet vehicles also used during off-hours for personal trips, you need a flexible tracking solution. GpsGate gives you all of the tracking data you need during hours of operation - and an automated way to stop tracking when the workday ends.

Tracks improvements

We've added lots of new features to Tracks 2.0 (now Tracks) in the past month, and we have more to come on the roadmap. Thanks to your feedback, we've also made lots of smaller tweaks and improvements. This month's release also includes new Hindi and Indonesian translations for app localization. Plus, learn how to manage data privacy concerns for off-hours fleet usage.

Solving customer needs with geofence priorities & color coding

Did you know that you can assign priorities and colors to geofences? This allows you to meet more complex customer needs and bring more value to your customers. Combining geofences, event rules, and scripting allows you to solve even more use cases.

New Tracks & Vehicle Status in preview release

We've included lots of user experience tweaks plus some small bug fixes and backend optimizations into March's release. The big news is what's available for testing in preview release: experience the new Tracks and Vehicle Status!

UX improvements and fixes for February

We've got a new official Portuguese translation! There are also a lot of improvements (or melhorias for those of you who will enable Portuguese) that continue to refine the user experience.

Starting the year with a release for stability

We're starting off the year with a maintenance release that touches a lot of features. Maintenance releases aren't flashy or exciting, but they are critical to system performance and stability. This release includes an official Arabic translation plus back-end geofence improvements.

User-based reports

Our new user-based reports give fleet managers the user data they need without the need for user-level tags. No tag setup is required.

Geofences in the Fleet app + new user-based reports

For better fleet management on the go, we've added geofences to the Fleet app. We've also added some great user-based reports to help managers quickly access data for a specific user rather than the whole fleet - without setting up additional user tags.

New Gothenburg office

We continue to grow the GpsGate team at both our Stockholm headquarters and our second office in Gothenburg. Our employees in Gothenburg just moved into a new space after outgrowing our previous office. Welcome to the new and improved office!

Fleet management in any language

GpsGate is designed to support many languages, so no matter where your customers are, they can work in their native languages. New versions of Spanish, German, and Chinese are now available!

Welcome to the new GpsGate.com

What's new? Our logo and website! What's the same? Our company name, our amazing team, and our great fleet management platform.

GPS tracking and data privacy

We take data privacy seriously and expect our tracking partners to always maintain ethical tracking policies. We built a GPS tracking solution with features designed to protect fleet data.

Increase server security with two-factor authentication

Keep your server - and your customers' fleet data! - more secure with two-factor authentication (2FA).

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