New app switcher

Seamlessly switch between applications without logging out!

We learned that many of our customers don’t stay in one client application throughout the day. You’re in and out of multiple Vehicle Tracker applications, and you’re tweaking things in Site Admin.

For that reason, we created an easy way to switch between apps. You no longer need to log out, change apps, and log back in.

With our new app switcher, you can seamlessly switch between all of the applications on your server.

That’s right - no logging out. Simply select the app you want to switch to in the dropdown and ... APPracadabra! You’re in the application like magic.

You can even jump straight into Site Admin from a Vehicle Tracker application.

How does it work?
If a user has _WebLogin privileges for more than one application, a dropdown will be present in Vehicle Tracker. All applications the user has permission for are listed. If an application is selected, the user is directed to the new application with no need to log in again. If the user has Site Admin access and selects Site Admin, they are taken to the Applications tab of Site Admin.

Our thanks go to our customers for their great feedback. Thanks to your information, we can introduce features like the app switcher to help you save time during the workday.

Want to use the new app switcher? Get Updates.v5 today!

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