April release: Integrate with ANY system

April's release has features that allow extreme customization and integration. REST lets you sync GpsGate with ANY system and make custom panels with scripting. A new scripting engine lets scripts run up to 10x faster. There's also reporting and UI improvements.

April is a big month with REST, a scripting engine, faster reporting, and UI updates. Read on to find out how each feature can help your business.


Our REST or RESTful API (Representational State Transfer) capabilities are expanded with this release. REST lets you customize your calls and data formats. REST is a way to read data, and might be used with integration projects, a custom GpsGate client, or sending data to a data warehouse.

How can you use it?

  • • Send GpsGate data to SAP or other business systems. How often are you visiting your most profitable customers? How much time do you spend with your biggest accounts?
  • • Integrate with your accounting system to automatically collect trip data.
  • • Share vehicle positions with your work order system.
  • • The sky is the limit - you can integrate with ANY system to improve your business.

April’s REST additions are Tags/Users (e.g. adding a tag to a user or removing a tag from a user). You can read more about REST in this post.

Create custom panels for your Vehicle Tracker by combining the powers of REST and scripting.

  • • See which jobs are for the most important customers
  • • Access worker schedules when job planning.
  • • Drag and drop users to add tags quickly.

This release’s focus is on Tags/Users. The new additions include operations like adding a tag to a user or removing a tag from a user. The REST API is fully scalable. You can use it with single resources (like adding a new user) or with large batch operations. You can read more about REST in this post.

Scripting engine

Our new scripting engine works on server-side scripts to help make things lightning fast no matter how big your business. How fast? We’re seeing simple scripts run 2x faster and more complex scripts up to 10x faster!

Scripting can be used with REST to build custom panels and dashboards in GpsGate. You can show data from GpsGate and your other systems exactly how you need to see it. You may also use scripting for device mapping, event rules, web services, and reporting with script expressions. No matter what type of scripting you are using, you will benefit. Large fleets with complex operations will notice the biggest changes in run time.

To see more details, please check out the scripting engine blog.


April’s release includes reporting improvements with big impact. Reporting will run faster than ever, so you won’t be waiting on data. There is also 50% less disk usage for Event Reports.

GpsGate has over 30 standard reports, and you can create as many custom reports as your business requires. The new improvements will have all of them running quickly. Learn more about reports here.

Vehicle info and status panels

The vehicle info panel and the status panel are better than ever. We redesigned them with our customers in mind every step of the way. They are user-friendly, scalable, and customizable.

The new designs are scalable to allow large fleet operators easy access to information. They are also user-friendly: clutter-free and intuitive. The design is similar to the new command panel, geofence panel, and event rule status display. As always, you can customize the panels so that they work for your business.

You can read more about the redesigned vehicle info panel and status panel in our previous blog.

More details

To see all of the release notes, check out the forum post here.

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