Full Solution for Bangkok DLT Taxi GPS Tracking Rules

Bangkok taxi companies and fleet management providers can meet the new Bangkok DLT regulations with GpsGate.

The Bangkok Department of Land Transport ( กรมการขนส่งทางบก or กรมการ ขนส่ง ทาง บก ) is launching new regulations that require taxi companies to track their vehicles with GPS. Companies will need to send complex data to the DLT data center at regular intervals. The taxi information required includes data like location, speed, vehicle information, meter fare, and booking information.

GpsGate tracking software allows you to meet all of the Bangkok DLT GPS tracking requirements for taxis. GpsGate customers have all of the software functions needed to track and send the taxi data. You can use your existing GPS devices if they meet the DLT requirements, or you can choose any others from companies who meet the requirements. GpsGate software integrates these devices to work with the DLT data protocols and our system. Our software is web-based, so it is easy for you to manage your taxi fleet.

The solution is easy to implement and lets you comply with all of the laws and regulations from the new Department of Land Transport program. Meeting the tracking requirements should allow your company to obtain your certificate and participate in the Taxi OK program.

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