GpsGate platform integration example

It is easy to integrate the GpsGate Server platform with other systems to extend the functionality. A sample of this is the school bus tracking system for Fancy Transport LLC in UAE offered by GateX, a GpsGate tracking partner.

Fancy Transport provides high class school bus transport services in UAE.

Case background

Many parents wanted to know the bus arrival time to avoid keeping their children outside in the hot weather. The school administration wanted to get real time information of all bus locations and all routes taken once they drop the last child.

Fancy Transport managers wanted to know which driver is in which vehicle at any moment with vehicle swaps happening any time of the day, say 05:30 am due to a vehicle breakdown. The arrival checking of 200 vehicles at the school was a difficult and time consuming job for the supervisors who used to stand at the gates noting down the arrivals and the related time.

Solution provided

By installing GateX Fleet Management units and collecting position data in the GpsGate Platform, GateX were able to make Route-wise Arrival Charts, Driver Allocation Tables and Fleet Engine Status Notifications for Fancy Supervisors. The web application, called “Parents Watch application”, which picks and shows the right vehicle to the logged-in parent on a Live-Trace mapping window on Fancy Transport’s web site was developed by, and copyrighted to GateX.

A bus can now be swapped out at 05:30 in the morning, with an automatic update in the system. A parent can see their child’s bus in the Parents Watch application regardless of the swap or vehicle change which happened a few minutes ago. With the solution there is no need to manually update vehicle changes in the servers nor in the customer’s web site.

Business result

As a result of this implementation huge achievements were made in quality of service and new opportunities emerged for Fancy Transport to get new school contracts and deals.

Technical solution

GateX is using a vehicle mounted tracking device that communicates over GPRS on a mobile network. GpsGate server is used as the real time tracking platform and customized Events and Real Time signal forwarding capabilities are used for the integration. Parents can login to a web based application and see the bus on a map in real time. The right bus is identified by the driver’s electronic ID, captured at the time of starting the engine.

More Information

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Is a fleet management solution provider and system integrator with an expert support team locally available in UAE. GateX provides the customers with innovative in-house developed Software Applications and tailored Report Engine fully customized in accordance with client requirements.

Fancy Transport LLC

Provides timely delivery in a high class, highly secure school bus transport services in UAE. Fancy Transport LCC is proud of having many such as Schouifat Schools in their client reference list.

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