October release: Protecting fleets with GpsGate Security

New October security features keep fleets of all sizes safe. The enhanced event notifications & capabilities are fully customizable and always scalable.

The October release focuses on our security solution. The new event interface makes it easier to track and manage events. It also allows comments when closing events, which creates an audit trail for fleet managers. Companies can prevent costly thefts and keep their drivers, cargo, and vehicles safe 24 x 7.

GpsGate Security features

Real-time overview

The overview in the event panel shows you a full snapshot of current conditions. There is both a card view option and a list view option. It’s easy to see events by type, and new alerts as they occur in real-time.

Real-time information is also displayed on the map (each vehicle icon shows the count of open events). An open events column can also be added to the vehicle list.

With so many display options, the information companies need is always at their fingertips.

Prioritized notifications

Pop-up notification bars keep operators on top of new events. You can choose which events generate pop-up notifications. Less important events are still shown in the event overview cards and list views.

Events drill-down

You can easily drill down and see information on open events.

You can drill down from almost anywhere in the UI depending on your need. This lets you easily access events for a specific vehicle, event type, or date.

Events are always tied to a vehicle. Events aren’t actionable unless you know which driver & vehicle to follow up with. The UI lets operators quickly see all events for a vehicle and check in with the driver.

Detailed event records

Each event has a detailed record of start and stop times, duration, and location.

You can now add operator comments when closing an event. This ensures that security protocols are followed and documented. Detailed event records are important for audits and management.

How GpsGate Security works for your customers

Fleet protection & recovery
You have full control over your fleet 24 x 7. You know exactly where vehicles are and exactly what’s happening. This helps prevent costly vehicle and cargo theft. If an incident occurs, you have a full event record and real-time tracking to locate stolen goods and vehicles.

Trackable and auditable records
Managers know precisely when and where events occurred. They also know who closed them, when and why they were closed, and what happened before they were closed. Companies can be sure the required protocols are followed.

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