Release:  Fleet app vehicle list plus dynamic zoom to fleet

The vehicle list is officially available in the latest Fleet app release! We've also added a 'Follow all' map setting in the Vehicle Tracker to keep your full fleet in view.

Fleet app

The latest Fleet app general release brings the most requested feature: vehicle list! The new vehicle list not only lets you scroll through all vehicles, but also filter them by tag, status, and/or specific variables.

There are a few more new features in Fleet:

Maps - satellite mode is now available. You can also choose to enable or disable vehicle clustering.

Navigate to vehicle - after you’ve selected a vehicle, you can navigate to its location.

User overview screen - user attributes are now available on the user overview.

Get access to the new features by updating your Fleet app.

Dynamic fleet zooming on map with Follow all

You can now always keep your full fleet in view on the map in Vehicle Tracker. Select Follow all and the map will automatically change zoom level and map area to keep the full fleet in view.

More details & resources

We’ve also updated the custom login page functionality (integrating the login screen with your own webpage) to simplify the required code.

There are lots of other small features and fixes, so be sure to check the full release notes below.

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