Speed alert with icon in the vehicle panel

This guide will show how to create a customized vehicle panel with Speed alert displaying an icon and the current over speeding value

The vehicle list in GpsGate VehicleTracker is one of the natural focal points for real time tracking. GpsGate Server gives you the freedom to customize this panel and improve it in your own way to make it easier to read when events happen. This time we are going to show how to add an Overspeeding icon and its current Speed value in two different columns in the Vehicle Panel. These columns will get updated every time the Speed surpasses certain predefined limits. This could be useful in case you want to see which vehicles are generating these events in real time without generating visual dots in your map (which may cause confusion with more important alerts like SOS) avoiding unnecessary alerts on screen that could slow down the performance of your server and make them more difficult to understand when you read them.

  1. Create a Speeding Event Rule
  2. Add the Icon in the Vehicle Panel

1. Create a Speeding Event Rule

The first step is to create an Event Rule with an Icon and Text notifier that can be shown in the vehicle list. You can also add notifiers to an existing Event Rule.

We will add a new Event Rule

Set a good description of what this rule will do. This will help any other administrator and/or operator to understand what this rule does.

In this step, you can leave the selection blank if this rule will apply to all your vehicles. In this example we only want this rule to apply to Swedish vehicles tag.

Here you can set if you prefer this rule will always apply or rather select a time period (for example during weekends only). In this example we apply this rule the whole time.

The next step 4.Expression you have to select first the expression type: Analog Expression

Now you will select which is the variable that will trigger the event. Select Speed and add a condition.

The next step is to define what sort of notifications will be, the columns name and the value that will contain

The last step of this rule is to set that we do not want this notification being displayed on the map view (it will be displayed only in the Vehicle Panel), so we deselect the option

Save the rule, and later refresh your browser to get the new columns ready to be added to your Vehicle Panel.

2. Add the Icon in the Vehicle Panel

Once your browser is refreshed, is time to add these columns to the Vehicle Panel


As the example was setup, every time any vehicle with the Swedish vehicle tag surpasses the speed limit of 120 km/h will set the icon in red and display the speed value at that moment. The value will clear and the icon become green again when the vehicle goes back to the allowed speed (less than 120 km/h).

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